[SUMMARY] Uninstall DHCP without reinstalling OS?

From: Amanda Dahl (Amanda.Dahl@exchangebrk.BARRA.com)
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 10:42:53 CST

The best bet to uninstall DHCP (and any other network settings that were
configured on first install) is to do a sys-unconfig, which resets the
following to their "factory defaults" and halts the system:

/etc/nodename contains the machine's name, of course.
/etc/hostname.* (le0..) names for each interface
/etc/hosts IPs and hostnames for each /etc/hostname.* entry
/etc/inet/hosts IP and hostnames, normally duplicates /etc/hosts
/etc/net/*/hosts should each have the hostname again

/etc/inet/netmasks network IP and mask if subnetted
/etc/resolv.conf search domain and dns servers
/etc/defaultrouter should be obvious :)
/etc/defaultdomain NIS domain if using NIS

after doing the sys-unconfig, you are prompted to enter all of the new
information upon boot.

Thanks go to:
Raymond Wong [negativl@netcom.com] (especially for the list above)
Matt Simmons [simmonmt@acm.org]
Mark Mellman [mellman@surfcity.ne.mediaone.net]
Alan Orndorff [dwarfie@mindspring.com]
Michael J. Connolly [mjconnly@newton41.ckcorp.com] (the first to suggest

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