SUMMARY:Spark w-no monitor console access

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Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 10:19:03 CST

Thanks to:
Becki Kain
Jim Robertori
"Matthew Stier"
Mark Mellman
Rik Schneider
John Vaughan
Russ Poffenberger
Sean Quaint

Special Thanks to:
"Kevin P. Inscoe"
Michael Clarkson
"Carsten B. Knudsen"
"Jeff Kennedy"
Charlie Mengler
Michael Pavlov

People pointed out that HyperTerminal is available for WinNT and
Win95/98 and it is found under
"Programs->Accessories->HyperTerm->Hypertrm.exe." People also pointed
out that I had to use COM1 or COM2 and 9600 8 n 1 as the properties
for the connection. People confirmed the use of a NULL modem and the
fact that you have to plug the NULL modem to the TTY-A port and the
you must cycle power (restart) the Sparc. However, if you read on you
should find details about possible configurations of parity and pins
outs and freeware emulators and a few other tips.

Kevin mentioned that: "...most of the time for Suns you have to tie
pin 20 (DTR) back to pin 8 (CD) on probably both the pc and the Sun. I
just hookup terminal concentrators so I am not sure exactly on the pc.
Any you may have to set in the boot prom (OBP) ignore-cd = true to
keep the machine from halting everytime you reboot the pc. Also have
a look at:"

Michael C. pointed out that: "Select connect directly to COM1 or COM2
9600,8,N,1 and you should be
okay, as long as the SPARC 2 doesn't have a framebuffer sitting in an
SBUS slot." I hadn't thought about removing the framebuffer.

Carsten pointed out to other emulators: "My personal favourite is a
freeware emulator called TeraTerm, that does both serial and telnet
and can be obtained from" He also
commented on: "Another thing is the connection between the PC and the
Sun. I am almost 100% certain that you are right - you need a DTE-DTE
(aka. null modem) cable - but just to be 110%, get hold of one of
these little things with a LED for each RS232 signal and plug it into
the Sun and the PC; if the same LEDS are lit in both cases, you need a
null modem cable. Do not just try any cable lying around - we have
killed off a couple of ttya ports that way. The baud rate is 9600 for
sure; I'm not sure about the parity, but it's definitely 7 bits with
some parity - try both, it should do no harm. Using 8 bits/no parity
produces funny results, displaying many characters as 8-bit ones." I
hadn't thought about a 7-bit parity as an option to the 8-bit parity.

Jeff pointed to another freeware emulator: "Try using QVTTerm from You can use it as a standalone dumb terminal
emulator to do exactly what you want. It's free and fairly
straightforward to setup."

Michael P. said that: "When you run the program it will start asking
you area code, phone number, etc. - just click "cancel". From the
file menu select properties and select the serial port you are
planning to use."

Thanks to all the people who responded,
Conner McCleod

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