SUMMARY: pkgadd sets /etc/ groupwritable why?

From: CyberPsychotic (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 07:51:32 CST

Hello folks,
I'd like to thank mr. Casper Dik (casper@holland.Sun.COM) for giving me
quick, but essential asnwer.

now going to my problem:

Q:Why Solaris 2.5.1 does /etc dir (among with some others, I found out)
has group `sys' writable permittions?
~~ That's because that was the default prior to Solaris 2.6 in which the
~~ default was changed to mode 755.

Q:How to get pkgadd not to change (back) these permittions while adding
additional packages.

~~ .. you can run "fix-modes" ( after
~~ each pkgadd instead. (patch installs are also pkgadds)
Another solution, figured out myself, is to run simple script which would
parse pkgmap/pkgproto file and set correct permittions _BEFORE_ installing
the package:

f none /sbin/ipnat=root/sbin/ipnat
d none /etc 775 root sys <-------------------------------+
d none /etc/init.d 775 root sys <------------------------|
f none /etc/init.d/ipfboot=root/etc/init.d/ipfboot |
d none /etc/rc2.d 775 root sys |
l none /etc/rc2.d/S65ipfboot=/etc/init.d/ipfboot |
d none /etc/opt 775 root sys |
they are going like this --------------------------------+

best regards


PS: I also would like to take the time to thank following people for their
responces regarding my syslog post. (I received their replies after I sent
the SUMMARY out, so wasn't able to mention it there).

Shriman Gurung <>
Michael Maciolek <>
Michael Pavlov <>

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