Summary: Sendmail problems after patchinstall

From: Joerg Leodolter (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 03:52:43 CST


>I've installed the suggested patches V 3.0.12 and after this I had problems
>my mailing. If I send a mail to an internal exchange-user and only give the
>name without any domainname as adress, the adress includes automatically
>my machinename and cannot be delivered.
>for example if I write to j_leodolter it becomes,
>instead of, where xxx is my machine.
>It worked fine before installpatch. Unfortunately I can't run a backoutpatch.
>Is there an easy way to fix ??? I tried to play around with DS Variable but
>no success.

Firstly, many thanks to:

Alan Reichert ........... Thanks twice !!!
Claus Assmann
Rick Berube
Chris Eslinger
Mark Neill
Grant Schoep
Wales Wong

Thank you very much for your help.
Unfortunately your tips didn't solve the problem. I tried them all, but without
success. Next step is to open a call at sun.


Alan Reichert wrote:

I'm not sitting near any references, but I think you want to put in a DM
entry in your This is the masquerade-as entry. Give a try
it is possible that the domain also needs to be included in your file (or on a CW (Cw?) entry in your file.
Have you looked at for info on this?

Claus Assmann wrote:

If this is sendmail 8.8, you can probably use
or use a .mc file to generate a new .cf:

a) Again from the FAQ of sendmail V8:
  * How do I make all my addresses appear to be from a single host?
        Using the V8 configuration macros, use:
        This will cause all addresses to be sent out as being from
        the indicated domain.
    If you're using version 8.x (x > 6) sendmail, and you want to hide
    this information in the envelope as well as the headers, use:

If you also want to masquerade the recipients, use
But be careful and read cf/README first about possible problems!

Rick Berube wrote:

"There's more than one way to do it."

1. (on Solaris) domainname "" and set /etc/defaultdomain to
2. Near the top of,
Chris Eslinger wrote:

THis is most likely sendmail v8. try masquerading:

(in /etc/mail/

If you build your with m4, the following line in your .mc will
do it:


to masquerade everything, even the envelope:


Mark Neill wrote:

Actually, you want to change the Dm variable to

That may fix it by itself. Otherwise you'll need to rebuild your from the m4 source, enabling the "masquerade_entire_domain"
Grant Schoep wrote:

        What version of Solaris? I had this exact same problem with a 2.6
Mail quit working after I did the recomended patchs. I just backed out, and
I haven't installed the recommended patches since. Just because I hate
dealing with sendmail so much I figured I was gonna wait till it might have
been fixed.
Wales Wong wrote:
do you edit the macro M as


Thanks again to all of you for your help
Best regards

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