SUMMARY: MPEG-2 videoconferencing (UDP and TCP problem)

From: Jürgen Schultz (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 01:21:05 CST

Dear sun-managers,

many thanks for your help concerning my problem. The solution is to use
a 100Mbit/s full duplex connection (dedicated ethernet point to point
link between the two machines to transfer the data).

Many thanks again to these people (I hope I do not forget anyone): (Philip Plane) (Graham Leggett) (Marc Newman) (Jochen
Bern) (Danke
nochmal für die lange email) (Bismark
Espinoza) (Thanks for your idea with
the additional serial cable)

Best regards,
Juergen Schultz

My original question was :
I am sending live MPEG-2 video (8 Mbit/s) over a LAN (10Mbit/s) using
Optibase's MPEG-2 encoder system. During transmitting the signal from
workstation1 to workstation2 (using UDP) I have to transmit 2kbit/s in
the other direction (from workstation2 to workstation1 using TCP/IP). My

problem is that I have only one network card in each workstation.

Is there a possibility to send TCP/IP packets and UDP packets at the
same time, or do I have to use two network cards :
One for the MPEG-2 videosignal and one for the TCP/IP signal ?

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