SUMMARY: NIS and security

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 15:25:03 CST

Well, no real specific issues excepting that it is easy to spoof the NIS
master server if there is no security in place. Most of you said what I've
heard as well, "It's just insecure but I couldn't give you specifics." No
responses to my query about the firewall as an NIS client, I'll just have
to test it and see.

No mention about NT causing any extra security issues, you need samba or
something like it anyway to use NIS on NT.

Thanks to:

Chad Price
Steve Kay

Hello all,

In practical terms, what are the security issues surrounding NIS (not

Here's my plan:

1 NIS master server (non-router but dual homed for availablity)
serves 4 networks connected by NetBuilder
all servers would be clients including the firewall (negotiable)
all workstations would be clients

How susceptible would I be? Also, can Windows machines take advantage of
NIS and, if so, does that create different security issues?

Thank you,

Jeff Kennedy

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