SUMMARY: server consolidation on Sun's U10000

Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 14:33:59 CST

I received a handful of messages, but the message below was the most helpful.

Thanks - Mark Almeida

This is one of the top three reasons customers purchase E/10000 platforms.
Server consolidation, large ERP/Data Warehouse domains, and large e-commerce
sites are the most popular applications for the platform. There are some stiff
requirements for user education, however. It is not simply a "plug-and-play"
replacement for old servers. I am currently working on another E/10000
installation for Sun Professional Services, and it is very important to ask the
right questions up front. What will the E/10K be expected to do? How much
storage is required? RAID levels? How will it be backed up? Will you be taking
advantage of the RAS features (reliability, availability, serviceability) by
running clustering or HA software? Who will be responsible for planning the
system migration? Sun sells migration services (through Sun Professional
Services) to help clients ensure that all their migration goals can be met. In
every E/10K I've been involved with, it was necessary to re-do the hardware
planning two or three times before we arrived at the right combination to
support the clients' business objectives. Work closely with the Sales and
Support Engineer when deciding what to order - giving them more information than
they ask for is better than not giving them enough. The more they know, the
better they can meet your needs.

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Subject: server consolidation on Sun's U10000
Author: <> at INTERNET
Date: 11/20/1998 9:59 AM

To the group,

I was wondering if anyone would share any experience they might have with
consolidating Sun's midrange unix servers on a Sun U10000.

I would appreciate it.

We have been asked to review a possible consolidation project of customers that
are currently running across several different Sun platforms on to a 10000.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Conroy

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