SSYSLOG (was Re: SUMMARY: syslog remote logging)

From: Michael Galloway (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 08:19:08 CST

good day all ...

i got to looking at this ssyslog package and it looks very
interesting. out of curiosity, how many of you sunmanagers
have replaced syslogd with this package?

-- michael

On Mon, Nov 23, CyberPsychotic wrote:
> Hello people,
> Here I have received a fairly clear explanations from Juergen Schreiner
> who gave me a couple of nice examples, and pointed me to secure
> syslog site(which I probably shall use, since I am very security
> concerned) and Richard Hellier who gave me a hint why syslog.conf would
> have such weird syntaxis. Here details are goin':
> The only solutions which were figured out here are:
> 1. use packet filtering. (firewalls/ipf/..).
> 2. use secure syslog :

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