SUMMARY:need help configuring local NTP server

From: Igor Khurgin (
Date: Sun Nov 22 1998 - 22:58:21 CST

Many thanks to all who responded.

There is my original question:

I have problem configuring NTP server on the Solaris 2.51 machine to
work without going to the external servers.
I have installed xntp3-5.93, and my network have multiple subnets.

Most of the replies I received had recommendation how to compile
xntp3-5.93 and install it, because I was not specific in my question,
sorry about that.

The solution that did work came from Steve Williams:

For your ntp.conf try something like

fudge stratum 6

That will set it to use the local clock and set its stratum to 6.

I also found myself great reference for the ntp configuration in Solaris
2.6: there are samples in /etc/inet directory how to setup ntp server
and client.


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