SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 x86 won't boot (Can't load KD)

From: Aleksandar Milivojevic (
Date: Sun Nov 22 1998 - 09:32:14 CST


I didn't got any responses from the list, but I had managed to solve
the problem myself.

I booted machine from CD-ROM, made fsck on my solaris partition and
mounted it on /mnt. After that I found that /platform/i86/kernel/drv
directory is missing (to be more precise, it was moved to lost+found,
probably by fsck after one of the kernel panics). KD apeared to be
one of device drivers in /platform/i86/kernel/drv directory. Becose
there were some more system directories in lost+found and there was
also some wired stuff there, I decided to restore entire system from
backup. In short, I booted from CD-ROM, got networking running,
copyed recover program (part of networker packege) to /tmp directory,
newfs solaris partition (on this machine I have everything on one
partition -- not a wise thing to do, but anyway), mounted it and
restored everything from last night backup. After that I rebooted
machine and everything works fine now.

And finaly, here is the original question:

Aleksandar Milivojevic ( wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to install one of the updated drivers from driver update
> 3, probably in way it was not intended to do it. Anyway, at the end
> of it I got unbootable system. What happens is that I'm getting
> following message when booting:
> SunOS Release 5.6 Version Generic_105182-09 [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
> Copyright (c) 1983-1997, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
> (Can't load KD)
> Type any key to continue
> When famous "any key" is pressed, computer reboots, "Device
> Configuration Assistant" is started and after pressing "F2" couple of
> times the same message is displeyed again.
> I'd appreciate if anybody could help me how to make system bootable
> again.
> If that matters, the driver in question is dnet. I have DEC 21143
> Ethernet adapter on motherboard. I used to disable it in BIOS in the
> past because it was causing kernel panic while booting (it wasn't in
> hardware compatibility lists anyway). When I saw that there is some
> support for it in DU3, I decided to try it out -- on first boot after
> installing the patch with new version of dnet I got kernel panic
> again, and after some playing with Device Configuration Assistant,
> "can't load KD" message started to appear on boot.

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