SUMMARY: DNS / ip ports

From: Rick Hernandez (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 11:30:21 CST

Thanks to all that replied. The way to map multiple domain names to the same
machine and only use one IP address (different port is optional) is through
Apache. (DNS has nothing to do with it). After posting the email, it
occured to me that the latest version of Apache 1.3.x supports this. Thanks
to Nickolai Zeldovich who hit it on the head with the right answer.

[ Nickolai Zeldovich wrote:]
With Apache 1.3 you can do name-based virtual hosts, which are virtual hosts
on the same IP address and the same port (or seperate ports), but still
allow the server to distinguish between the two domains. This is done using
an environment
variable that recent browsers (Netscape 2.0+, recent Lynx, IE 3+?) send and
works quite well in most cases. Look for 'NameVirtualHost' in Apache 1.3

Original Post:

> I was wondering if the following is possible:
> Solaris 2.6 - Original OS verions of BIND - Apache 1.3.0
> Is it possible to map 2 domain names to the same machine ip address, but
> use different ports??
> example:
> ----> (default port of 80)
> ---->
> Through Apache, I have configured a virtual host for the additional port
> (88) and can access the new web server by ip:port. But will it be
> possible to map a unique domain name to that ip:port? I know that a
> virtual host with a seperate ip address is most common (and maybe the
> only way to do this), but nevertheless, the question remains.
> --
> Rick Hernandez

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