SUMMARIZE: how to find PROM version w/o reboot

From: Thomas Chung (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 11:27:34 CST

I got lots of response--more than I care to enumerate--and I like to
thank everyone you took the time to answer my enquiry. You know
who you are.

There are two ways to do get the PROM version:

1) The obvious one is to get to the PROM with stop-A and run the
'banner' command. Altho' this is safe--provided you don't run any
other command and exit (with 'go') as soon as possible--I'm pretty
nervous about this method, esp. if you have mission critical
applications, valuable data, and lots of users who need to access
those apps & data. Which bring us to

2) Run 'prtconf -V'. This command was what I was looking for. I had
originally ran it with w/o the '-V' but got a long listing of device
tree. The '-V' option, which works only on sparc arch, will return
a string with PROM version #.

NOTE: Since I'm running Solaris 2.5x, I didn't have the opportunity to
method 2 with other versions. Some people have pointed out the 'prfconf
might not work on them. FYI.

Also, this topic is also in the list archive. Not verified by me.

Thomas Chung wrote:
> My subject line says it all. Reply to me or to the list. I'll
> summarize.
> Thanks,
> --tc

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