SUMMARY: pkgadd by ordinary user

From: Padmanabhan Ramadurai (
Date: Tue Nov 17 1998 - 14:04:17 CST

The majority said that it is possible thru sudo and some
suggested setuid'ing. But the consensus is that it IS A BAD
idea, given the fact what pkgadd can potentially do.

And so NO to the user.

Thanks a lot for your time and efforts.
[not in any particular order]

Mark Neill <>
Leif Ericksen <>
Rajeev Kumar <>
Jim Robertori <>
Rik Schneider <>
Kevin Sheehan - Uniq <>
Rich Kulawiec <>

Original question:


How does one make pkgadd to be used by ordinary users
(instead of being root)? is it possible?
thanks [sol2.6 if it matters]


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