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I got some requests for summaries on the Ross/BridgePoint ifo so her it is.
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...BridgePoint is taking care of all Ross legacy product, sales and service. you
can check out our web page for more info You can contact Kevin
McElroy at 512-637-4705 or email


BridgePoint Technical Manufacuting
Joe Palmberg
voice: 512-436-2354
fax: 512-436-2311

This news might be a little old by now but here it is:
Ross Technology, Inc., a maker of chips and systems for Sun
Microsystems, Inc.'s SPARC platform, will shut down by year's and
is now discussing its sale to one of several potential buyers, a
spokeswoman at Fujitsu Ltd. said today.

Ross is 60% owned by Fujitsu. The remaining shares are held by
Sun, Ross employees and the public.

Austin, Texas-based Ross will lay off 93 employees, or 46% of its
workforce, within two months while scaling back to a unit of core
sales, service and operations staff under the name BridgePoint, she
said. The company's 30 employees at a design center in Israel won't
be affected by the cuts, she added.

As a maker of SPARC-based systems that it sold mainly to Sun,
Ross reached its peak with 32-bit HyperSPARC processors at the
same time that Sun began an aggressive push of its own
higher-performance UltraSPARC line. The move caught Ross off
guard, and the company was left with a large inventory of systems
that it was forced to write off.

Ross is currently at work on a 64-bit RISC processor called Viper,
but there is no clear plan to bring the chip to market, the Fujitsu
spokeswoman said. The company is consolidating the Viper
development team in the scaled-down BridgePoint entity, she said.

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