SUMMARY: Printing from SUN to NT Printer

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Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 13:20:31 CST

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>Greetings all.
>I've got a situation where I need to provide printing services from
assorted Sun systems
>(Solaris/SunOS) to two hp printers running Jetdirect cards. My windows
users presently
>access them through an NT server vi JetAdmin. My understanding is that I
have basically
>three options. Run Jetadmin on Sun/Solaris, Run Samba and spool through
NT, or run
>through NT via the NT service lpdsvc.
>I'm not too thrilled about using Jetadmin on Sun since I've never had a lot
of success
>making it work reliably. Spooling though Samba worked OK as long as the
print server
>was a '95 system, NT is giving me real fits w/ passwords. I'm interested
in this lpdsvc option
>for these and other reasons, but have found no real documentation either in
the Microsoft
>Knowledge base or the Sun managers archives. Specifically, I'm interested
in knowing
>what the SunOS printcap file looks like when accessing an NT shared printer
under these
>circumstances. I'm also curious about how you would set this up on Solaris
using the

There were several differing opinions on how to handle this problem, the
response was that Jetadmin was worth looking at again. I discovered these
folks to be
correct. My previous experience w/ Jetadmin was on SunOS, I've found the
flavor to be much better.

I ended up running jetadmin on my Solaris systems and not bothering to try
to spool
through NT, but since I also have a couple SunOS boxes, I used the lpdsvc
for them.

1. Load the lpcsvc Service on my NT 4.0 system.
2. From Control Panel/Services I modified "TCP/IP Print Server" so it starts

    automatically at boot.
3. There's a reboot of the NT box in here somewhere too.
4. Modified the printcap file on my SunOS system as follows:
        Printer_name: \
        :lp=:rm=name_of_nt_box:rp=name_of_nt_printer_share: \

        I think if your Printer_name and the name_of_nt_printer_share are
the same you
        don't need the "rp" entry, but it doesn't hurt anything.

5. Restarted the lpd daemon.

At first the print jobs wouldn't spool. The message from "lpc status" said
it was waiting for
my nt box to enable the queue. I got on the NT box and modified the
permissions on the
printer so everyone had full control. Again, I don't know if this is
required, but it definitely
ruled out permission problems at the queue.

There were a couple responses from this list, and some info in the MS
knowledge base that
suggested changes to the registry, but I didn't have to do that. Perhaps
it's because I'm
using NT 4.0.

Anyway, my printing problems appear to be solved.

Regarding Samba printing, I received this suggestion. I haven't tried this.

Have you tryed smbclient
\\NT-SERVER\\SERVICE -Uuserid%password -Wworkgroup -P

I have found this works realy well with NT print shares. The user (userid)
has to be set up on the NT server with access to the printer and the
password set to never expire.

Thanks to all that responded:

Howard Boggs
Grant Schoep
Leo Crombach
Karl Vogel
Dave Edick
Leif Ericksen
Michael J. Connolly
Dave Carrigan
Mark Neill
Peter Laws
Alan Reichert
Andrew Watkins
Joaquim Humberto Marques Mota
Matthew Atkinson
dave floyd
Roger Fujii
Juan Miguel Del Rio
Matthew Stier
Charlie Mengler
Stefan Voss
Runde Aline
David Gempton
Brett Lymn

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