Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 08:45:00 CST

Original question:
Does anyone know if there are drivers written to run IP over SCSI???

Here is the data collected:
There is an RFC on this very thing:

A Linux effort:

Yet another:

"I believe Morningstar PPP will do PPP over SCSI." - Rick Fincher

A commercial site?

There is an article in the Linux Journal #52 (August 1998) on this topic.
You can probably read the article on the Linux Journal homepage

And finally: said the following:
If you mean "can I use a normal SCSI bus as an interprocessor link", the
answer is "sort of" - there is a slave mode interface once done someplace
that can send stuff back and forth on Solaris. (sorry the details are
fuzzy, it was a long time ago...) Dunno about Linux.

If you mean "is there a plug and play IP stack that uses the SCSI bus", I
believe the answer is no.

FC has, as part of the spec, the ability to do IP, but I don't personally
know of anybody who has implemented it yet.

More accurately - I was once involved in doing a slave mode for the Solaris
SCSA stuff, and I think it is still floating around, though I don't know
Sun's current use/availability. We used it for inter-processor communications.
Never saw an IP stack done for it.

A lot of FC implementations are really just slave mode on a Unix box that
acts like a disk to implement storage area networks. FC has the hooks for
IP, but again, I don't know of any vendor who has implemented it.

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Systems Administrator 512.435.3286

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