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Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 09:39:36 CST

First, I would like to apologize for late summarize..due to problems in
our new web-mail server...I appreciate all that replied to my question
Wajeh,Lisa,Sebastian Benoit, Dieter Gobbers Lars,Steve Kay..Thanks to
all who replied..and I am so sorry if i forgot anyone..
Answers :

Steve Kay replied:
Sun's "Project Cascade", due out about now, might do what you're after.
Allows a Sun to participate in a NT network environment, allowing
the Sun to be a PDC/BDC/File server/Print server. Also means you
actually run User Manager for Domains on the Sun box itself, as opposed
to the NT box.
Alternatively, you could install package ICAClient on your Sun box. The

package is about 700KB and allows you to connect to a NT box running
the Citrix Winframe package - possibly ones running Microsoft Hydra /
Terminal Server too I think.
Or install "Microsoft Unix Services for NT" which allows you to telnet
and rsh from your sun box into the NT box.
Depends what in particular you're wanting to do I guess. The ICAClient
good, as it's just like having XWindows sessions from your NT box.
 We have asked Sun the same question.
Sun tells us they are releasing a product called "Cascade" in March 1999

Yes. you can use VNC. With VNC you can get your screen from your
It is free. Download at

Or using an in.telnetd for NT, like slnet or other in.telnetd.
Dieter Gobbers
There is a great tool out there called 'vnc'. I don't remember where
homepage is, but you can find the sources and documentation at

For easy tasks that can be done on an NT box via command line
(like creating user-acc. deleting user-acc. ... )
you can install an rshd on the NT-Box (there is a free rshd somewhere on

the net) and isssue commands to it from an unix-box.
Advice me to use the Totalnet software.
Thanks alot

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