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Original question:
My friend and I are having a debate about the function of the power switch
>on the front panel next to the floppy drive.
>If the system is powered up and the CDE login screen is present.
>I power the system off by pressing the power button mentioned above,
>what happens???


The vote was split. Some believe is a hard shutdown.

"AFAIK that button is a reset button, which is essential a power interrupt.
Sun's do not do this. (One of the nicer features of an SGI)

However the opposing view is :

" It's a soft switch and, if the proper
OS+Patches are installed, it shuts the machine down gracefully."

A couple said "To turn the system off, it require the power management packages
to be installed. And since it is the power management software
that make the power switch work.

It does an "init 5"

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