Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 16:26:40 CST

I sent out this question to the group this morning:

Subject: old unresolved questions

     I've had some questions about openwin, which I have tried to solve to
no avail. I have two menu's that used to show up when I right click my
mouse on the desktop, which have disappeared. The files still reside in
/usr/openwin/lib with the correct hooks still there. I also have this menu
item called 'Lotus Applications' which has been grayed out. Nothing in my
/usr/openwin/lib directory has this 'Lotus Applications'.
     I would like to get my two menu's back and delete this Lotus
Applications from my Workspace popup menu.

The thing was I had a .openwin-menu file. I deleted it and everything was
fine. I never noticed the file before, oh well...

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