Summary: Sense Key: Media Error

From: Jane Leu (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 11:30:38 CST

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1. Run, do not walk, to your machine and verify you have current working
   backups. Your disk is failing, the Error Level: Retryable means that
   it tried to read the disk and failed, but was going to try again. If
   you never got a Error Level: Fatal then your backups may be ok. If
   you did get a fatal read error, whatever file/directory it was
   attempting to read didn't get copied.
   Reformatting the disk might buy you some time by mapping out all the
   bad spots, but I can assure you that you will get more errors in the
   not too distant future. Save yourself a lot of grief and just replace
   the drive now.
2. Hi Jane. I suspect that you've formatted the disk so it thinks it
   has more sectors than it does. Format, etc.. gets to what it thinks
   should be block 4047049, and it doesn't exist. I think the freeware
   program scsiinfo can tell you how many sectors the disk really has.
3. The sector is 512 bytes. You can try to heal it by unmounting the
   disk and "fsck" or use "format" to repair the sector.
4. You really don't have many options other than replacing the drive.
5. I had similar problem two times. Each time I did backup of disk,
   and then low level format using format utility. First time it worked
   and bad block was added to grown bad block list. Second time it
   failed and I had to replace the disk.
   Anyway, my advice is to have replacement disk ready before you try
   this, you might need it format fails.
6. This particular sector is corrupted. You can try to use the format
   utility to fix it.
        Enter absolute block number of defect:4047049

In our case
We have decided to get a new disk to replace this "defective" one since it
may go bad at any time on us. Repairing the bad block only buys us time,
but not reliability.

Original Question
Hi, gurus! I noticed the following on our backup log:

        DUMP: read error! sector 4047049 of /dev/rdsk/c0t2d0s7

and from the /var/adm/messages, it recorded the following:

        WARNING: /sbus@1,f8000000/esp@0,8000000/sd@2,0 (sd2):
        Error for command 'read(10)' Error Level: Retryable
        Requested Block 4047049, Error Block 4047049
        Sense Key: Media Error
        Vendor 'MICROP': ASC = 0x12 (no addr mark), ASQ = 0x0, FRU = 0x8

When I did a "format/analyze/read", it said:

        Medium error during read: block 4047049 (0x3dc0c9) (2267/5/29)
        ASC: 0x12 ASCQ: 0x0
        Repairing hard error on 4048049 (2267/5/20)... failed.

Could you please tell me how big this sector is, and what my options are
in solving this problem.

Jane Leu

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