SUMMARY: 100mb quad card to fun full duplex

From: MaryEllen Yager (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 09:55:30 CST

Thanks Trevor Paquette! Your speedy response go me just what I needed!

Here is the answer:

>You are right. everywhere you see hme.. change to qfe. Works for me.

>This is what I have in my startups:

# force ethernet cards to 100Mb/Full
ndd -set /dev/hme instance 0
ndd -set /dev/hme adv_100fdx_cap 1
ndd -set /dev/hme adv_100hdx_cap 0
ndd -set /dev/hme adv_10fdx_cap 0
ndd -set /dev/hme adv_10hdx_cap 0
ndd -set /dev/hme adv_autoneg_cap 0

for nic in 0 1 2 3; do
  ndd -set /dev/qfe instance $nic
  ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_100fdx_cap 1
  ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_100hdx_cap 0
  ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_10fdx_cap 0
  ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_10hdx_cap 0
  ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_autoneg_cap 0

to /etc/system I have added:

set qfe:qfe_adv_autoneg_cap=0
set qfe:qfe_adv_100fdx_cap=1

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