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Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 01:06:11 CST

Thanks to the following for your thoughts :

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The feeling is that at this point, AGP (at least with Intel AGP) is
going to be messy.

SOme people have had success with ATI AGP product (try AGP ATI Rage Pro
or Expert98) but usually only after applying driver updates and without
ever getting top flight performance in terms of resolution & number of

Several people warned me off anything that is not on the compatibility
lists at Sun may well produce a driver in due
course but I shouldn't hold my breath for it.

No-one knows of OEM drivers for these cards although vendors of Xservers
for x86 might be worth a try. Eg, Xi graphics (

An alternative is to try Linux. I will have a look at this - I need a
good excuse to get into Linux anyway!!

For future reference, there is a Sol for x86 discussion group
(solarisonintel) at :


I am looking to install Sol 2.6 on an Intel machine but am starting to
think that I may run into trouble with the proposed graphics adpator.

I have been quoted for a machine using an Intel AGP card.

I cannot find any ref to AGP buses in the Sun compatibility lists at

Sun have a disclaimer on their lists to the effect that they don't test
everything that's on the market so it may be that I will not have
trouble but I don't want to lay out the $$$ without being reasonably
confident it will work.

Has anyone had trouble using these cards under Solaris? Are there any
OEM drivers for Solaris that I could use?

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