SUMMARY: st driver problem in an UltraIIi

From: Roger Fujii (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 14:28:01 CST

Roger Fujii wrote:

Well, I got 2 replies (thanks &
basically pointing out that the entries in /devices & /dev were semi-persistent,
which I was aware of. Just as a note to others, it is a wise thing when
having problems like this to comment out the extra targets in sd.conf that
you aren't using, and remove the entries in /dev and /devices manually, then
do a boot -r.

Apparently, the real solution is buried in sun's bug database as bug id
4068988. There seems to be some problem with the boot prom that is not
identifing tapes on the external chain. Now, what I want to know now is
what does "Integrated in releases: 3.9alpha2" mean? I keep seeing 3.x
numbers in the bug fixed reports, but have no clue what that corresponds
to numbers that the outside world uses. It would also be nice if
there was a document that has the code name (darwin) to final name, so
that references in the patch database would have more meaning....

Original posting goes as follows:
> Hi.
> I have a sony 4mm DAT (SDT7000) that I am trying to get
> working with my UltraSPARC-IIi-Engine. The tape drive
> shows up in a scsi-probe request, but does not show up
> after a boot -r. I don't believe it's a cable problem,
> since the machine does attach the narrow drive that's in
> the same case as the tape drive (as instance #15).
> My suspicion is that the st driver doesn't attach to
> the external SCSI controller (glm1). I have tried
> everything to have the tape drive show up to prtconf
> to no avail (applied all relavent patches, manually
> typing drvconfig;tapes). It *might* be that the
> boot prom is not configured/broken so that it is not
> passing the external tape drive to the kernel upon boot
> since the devaliases has references to disks on the scsi@1,1
> but no tapes.
> So, I have 2 questions:
> 1) how does one get this tape drive to work (it does work
> fine in the SS5 right next to it)?
> 2) Just what exactly is the procedure that the kernel uses
> to attach the device to the right driver? It doesn't seem
> like the sd and st drivers function like other scsa drivers.
> Also as a side question, is there a way to limit the property
> assignments in st.conf/sd.conf/glm.conf to a particular instance
> of the controller (glm0/glm1)? That is, how do I just affect
> target #1 on controller 1?
> Thanks in advance.

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