SUMMARY: Tape Backup Setup Question

From: Alan Reichert (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 08:03:47 CST

Greetings, all. This is a late summary, but since asing the question, I
have not had a chance
to work on this system to try anything. Regardless, here is the summary.

Original question:

>This is probably just tape setup stupidity on my part, but:
> Backing up a system with a few ~3G partitions to an EXB-8500 tape.
Using ufsdump
>with "0cfu" options to /dev/rmt/0mn for one of these partitions
usually ends up with a tape change,
>and only about half the first tape used. Changing to "0bdsfu 126
54000 13000", as was suggested
>to me, yields the same results. If I'm correct, I should be able to
dump about 5G to an
>8mm tape on an EXB-8500, correct?
>Any hints/pointers to correct this is greatly appreciated. I have
looked at man st and man
>Will summarize.
>- Alan

        Thanks to:

        Brion Leary
        Brooke King
        Scott Woods
        Carsten Knudsen
        Niall Broin
        Casper Dik
        Dennis Martens
        Matthew Stier

        The main suggestions, in order, were:

        1. Remove the s and d parameters and let the system do it's own end
of tape detection.
        2. Have the tape drive checked for proper operation

        Thanks, all. I'll give these a try in order, as soon as They quit
throwing fires at me. :-)

        - Alan

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