SUMMARY: Increasing/decreasing partition size

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Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 14:26:26 CST

Hi All,

Thanks to everybody who responded so quickly.

Here is my original:

>Is there a way to decrease size of a partition?
>I've got a 1.2 Gig swap partition which I don't need. Or rather I do not
>need that much.
>Can I decrease it to, say, 200 Meg and use 1 Gig for other stuff without
>going through OS reinstall?

>From all the answer and suggestions the one provided by Rik Schneider
was the most detailed:

1. Comment out swap and tmp entries from /etc/vfstab
2. Reboot in single user mode.
3. Use format(1M) to modify slices on the drive
a. Run format
b. chose drive (0)
c. enter partition utility (partition)
d. chose the swap slice (usually 1)
e. accept partion id, flags, and starting cylinder
f. enter new size (200mb for a 200M swap)
g. print table (print)
h. create new slice in unused space
4. Use newfs(1M) to make a file system on newly created slice
5. Update /etc/vfstab
6. Reboot

Also thanks to:

Shaun Welch
David Kovar
Jeff Kennedy
Alexandr Rogov
Bruce Zimmer
Todd Fiedler
Kevin Sheehan
Michael Wang
Colin Melville
Olivier Giraud
Anthony Worrall
Krishna B Shrinivasa
Seth Rothenberg
D. Stewart McLeod
Angel Ortiz

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