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From: Andrew Kyle (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 07:35:31 CST

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Hi all,

Has anyone used cached filesystems with any luck yet?

I mucked around with them (on Solaris 2.6, Ultra 60) but found when the
cache directory was not new or cleared and the cached filesystem was
remounted it would crash the server. I even tried mounting the filesystem
with the "purge" option but to no avail.

I had a look at sunsolve but found no patches available (that worked) to
resolve the problem.


Well I got a mixed bag of responses with either they love it or hate it.

I got my cacheFS working. The problem was that I was using the real
filesystems that were going to be used (the NFS and cache directory) on a
remote test server. Although this doesn't make sense in the real world (to
have your cache directory NFS mounted) I wanted to use the filesystems that
were going to be used. Anyway once the cache directory was local all was

One good point made by was that cacheFS won't
failover by Solaris design.

So I think I will play around with it a bit further, but unless it can
failover it maybe no good anyway.


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