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 Thanks for everyone who replied. The list is :
"Lee A. Fedor" <>
Sean <
Frank Fiamingo - Columbus <>
"Celeste Stokely" <celeste@Stokely.COM>
Stefan Voss <
Frank Fiamingo - Columbus <
Guenter Millahn <gm@Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE
Matthew Atkinson <
Karl Vogel < (Chuck Smoko - T11
Kelly Setzer" <
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Tze Wong <
Ilhan Narli <
"Carsten B. Knudsen" <
Steve Franks <

 Most of you said that dd can do this. You were right. Giving the same command 7
times solved my problem. The command was :
 dd if=/dev/rmt/0cn of=/dev/rmt/1cn bs=63k
I got the blocksize from first line of the ufsdump-log. It was :
 DUMP: Writing 63 Kilobyte records
P.S : Special thanks for

        Carsten B. Knudsen" <
        "David L. Markowitz" < (Chuck Smoko - T11)

for sending me tapecv, , copytape . I learned too much from them.

P.S.S : I think, using tcopy 7 times does the same as well.

--- Original post ------

I'm using ufsdump to backup my filesystems. I've a tape with 7 dumps and I need
to make a copy of this tape. I tried tcopy but I couldn't make the copy. I think
tcopy doesn't support tapes which has more than one dump file. And I know that
cpio doesn't support tapes dumped with ufsdump.

  How can I do that?
 P.S. : Solaris 2.6, sparc4, 4mm DDS-2
 P.S.S : I've two local tape drive.



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