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Date: Wed Oct 28 1998 - 20:10:18 CST

Many thanks to:

Todd Fiedler" <>
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all the repliers.

The suggestion from most of the repliers is:
1. make sure to use correct cross cable,
2. bring the second interface "up" and "running",
3. use two private IP addresses for the two
4. check routing table to make sure the two private
addresses are in the routing table.

The original question is:
> Sun-Managers:
> I want to make a private connection between two
> Sun Ultar Enterprise 450 machines. Each of the machines
> has two 10BaseT ethernet interfaces, one of which has been connected
> to the company backbone and the other is free. I want to use the free
> ethernet interface to make a private connection between both machines.
> I tried to
> connect the twe free ethernet ports by a cross cable and set up the
> two interfaces by "ifconfig", but when I
> 'ping' the remote interface, I got error "the remote
> interface unreachable".
> I will summarize.
> Thank you very much.
> Mike
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