SUMMARY: Ultra AX (i, mp)

From: Simon-Bernard Drolet (
Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 16:27:26 CDT

Hi group,

I've received a lot of answers, almost all positive for an UltraAX(i)
system that you can build yourself or buy from a third party.

What I'm looking for now is a supplier of this Ultra AX system but in
Canada if possible ?

Anybody know a seller in Canada (Montreal region) ?

And again, thank's to:

Andreas Holzhammer <>
> I bought it integrated from my hardware-supplier. you may check at

Todd Fiedler <>
Timothy Lorenc <>
> If you are interested in putting together a cheap SPARC 20:
> Just need to buy a couple of other parts and for probably less
> that $2000 you could have a UNIX workstation at home...
> look at

Roger Fujii <>
> It's WAY easier to get it from a distributer like:
> Got mine from there. Been pretty happy with it....
> I'm typing this from a home made AXi system!
> It is a very simple job, all you have to do is buy the motherboard, a disk, CDROM,
> floppy, graphics card and case and put it together like a bog standard PC.
> The instructions in the Sun OEM manual are very clear. Check
> for a list of safe graphics cards.
> Do download the OEM manual and read it first.
> Ian

Becki Kain <>
> Bruce Sawler, Requisite Systems, email is (and
> I'm cc'ing him), phone is 530-268-7480. Very knowledgeable and
> they also sell memory for sparcs (if you have any old 10's laying
> around like I do!)

"Cooke, Earl R." <>

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