SUMMARY: NIS worth it for 2 systems?

Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 10:56:22 CDT

I didn't expect to receive so many responses to my question regarding NIS
and whether it's worth it for a setup of only two (2) systems. As expected,
people feel differently about this, but usually these fall into three

(1) use NIS. Ease of setup; doesn't consume that much resources;
greater flexibility, expandability, and less chances for errors.
(2) use utilities such as rdist
(3) build script(s)

The people for NIS were more detailed and more convincing. Some people
noted that with scripts, it's hard to provide mutually exclusive access in
updating or changing the password file, assuming changing password on either
system is allowed. Of course, you can always limit them to change password
on only one system and then propagate that to the other system, but this is
inconvenient, not for the sys-
admin, but for the users.

Anyway, thank you all for providing feedbacks.

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