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From: Kun Li (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 20:54:05 CDT

Last week , I post a question regard pfile output. here is the original

hardware platform: SUN E3000 , 512Mem, Solaris 2.5.1 Generic_103640-21
Application : Netscape Enterprise Server ver 3.0J

Although my kernel parameter rlim_fd_cur is equal to 0x40,
the /usr/proc/bin/pfiles command indicate that my www
daemon have a current limits of 1024 , like:

# /usr/proc/bin/pfiles 15570
15570: ./ns-httpd -d /home1/siteadm/suitespot/https-www/config
  Current rlimit: 1024 file descriptors
   0: S_IFCHR mode:0666 dev:32,0 ino:89447 uid:0 gid:3 rdev:13,2
   1: S_IFREG mode:0600 dev:169,0 ino:28 uid:0 gid:1 size:117
   2: S_IFREG mode:0600 dev:169,0 ino:28 uid:0 gid:1 size:117
   3: S_IFCHR mode:0666 dev:32,0 ino:89448 uid:0 gid:3 rdev:13,12

Question 1: which one is the truth. 0x40 or 1024 ?
Question 2: Does the command pfiles output include the tcp connection ?

Last night the Netscape-Enterprise Server encountered error number 24
(too many open files), and users can't access the www service.

Qestion 3: is this an known bug of the Netscape-Enterprise Server?
Qestion 4: if not , Does the number of opened files reached 64 or 1024 ?
                  if 1024, what caused the server opening so much files ?
malfunction of the server ?

Thanks , he supplied the following:
set rlim_fd_max = 4096
set rlim_fd_cur = 1024

New question is , Does this effect the processes running in my
 system ? I mean malfunction or other something. Do I need to
 recompile some programme ?

>From my orignal question , it's clear the Netscape server has
compiled rlim_fd_cur to 1024 , disregards that the system has
a default of 64, so does changing these parameter in /etc/system
really effect the fd limit of the www server ?

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