SUMMARY2: How does "shutdown" in Solaris 2.6 notify users of impending shutdown?

From: Rick Flower (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 19:34:47 CDT

Ok.. I fudged up and should've waited a bit longer before posting my
summary.. I got ahead of myself! Anyway, I've found my problem with
CDE users not being able to get broadcast messages IF they do not have
a "console" window open. As it turns out, there were a few problems
with the stock version of /usr/sbin/shutdown (which is what I was
using and hadn't particularly checked -- as opposed to the "binary"
ucb version). The changes I made are outlined below :

        o Changed the "notify" routine in /usr/sbin/shutdown to only
          use the "-a" argument to /usr/sbin/showmount and tossed out
          the illegal "-x" it was also using (I'm not sure what the -x
          did or WHY it was there!).

        o Changed the "notify" routine in /usr/sbin/shutdown to add
          the "-a" argument to the call for /usr/sbin/wall to ensure
          that we also get coverage to the PTY's (that gets the CDE

        o Added a call to my smbwall script for Samba clients to ensure
          that all Samba users (non-interactive) are aware of system

I'd think that Sun (or should I say AT&T?) would want the "-a" on the
wall command to ensure that used PTY's are notified.. Oh
well.. Another lesson learned!

More thanks go to :

        David Evans
        Eugene Kramer
        Francis Liu
        Alan Orndorff

Thanks again..

-- Rick

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