SUMMARY: configuring syslog

Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 15:55:01 CDT

To the group,

I wish to thank all of the people who have responded and have helped out. I
really appreciate everyone's time.

The following is what I have discovered:

        -about a dozen people responded with "make sure you use tabs and not
spaces". That one I did have correct.

        My final /etc/syslog.conf configuration included: userid,userid /home/userid/cron.out

        local0.debug userid,userid
        local0.debug /home/userid/local0.out

        Then kill syslogd with a HUP, to reread the conf file

        I used the logger utility(this was provided by Michael Kriss) that
allowed me to test out these entries by issuing the following:

        logger -p local0.debug "this is a test"
        logger -p " this is a test"

I checked the above log files, and sure enough, these test entries were in

       I had originally used the "LOG_CRON" and "LOG_LOCAL0" entries, but it was
pointed out to me by Michael Hill that these are used by the users program to
send the messages to syslogd, where syslogd then takes it and checks the
facility and level, and then forwards it to the file or users console.

I am waiting for the user to test this with his program. The only other issue
that was brought to my attention was by Chris Marble, and that was cron won't
work, and that the man pages lied. I will have to address that when I come to
it, but thanks Chris, for the info.

Mark Conroy

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Subject: configuring syslog
Author: <> at INTERNET
Date: 10/15/1998 10:57 AM

To the group,

I tried to go to the archives regarding my problem, but I am receiving an error
on the server. So I thought I would post my question.

I am trying to configure syslog.conf for two items:

1) The user wants to have any messages(informational and up) to be logged to a
file under tmp. I tried to set up syslog.conf, but it did not work, and I don't
feel that, after reviewing the man pages, that it is correct. I added to

LOG_CRON userid,userid,/tmp/gaitir

2) the second item they wanted was to allow any user assigned to their group to
log to a file. Again I was thinking of the configuration:

LOG_LOCAL0 userid,userid,/tmp/allgaitir

Neither are working. I did kill syslogd with a HUP.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Conroy

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