SUMMARY: Serial Number

Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 11:19:51 CDT

There are too many of you who sent replies to my question, so I won't list
everyone, but I thank you all for responding. Many of you suggested that we
can use utilities such as 'sysinfo','sysdef', 'or 'prtconf', but these
utilities information that I need. The serial number provided by these
utilities is the 'system board serial number,' which is not what I wanted,
as clearly stated in my original post.

 squaint (username) suggested issue "banner" command at PROM, but I'm not
able to do this yet, so I don't know if this works or not.

Tim Evans suggested

        $ eeprom |grep -i serial

This doesn't work on my systems, which are running either Solaris 2.5.1 or

Most of the people points out that there is no way to tell within the system
itself, i.e. the only way is to go to each machine and eyeballing the

Again, thanks to those that responded.

> Just curious, is there a way to obtain the serial number (not the hostid
> or system board serial #) of a Sun system under Solaris?

UNIX System Administrator
Fong Vang

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