SUMMARY: Serial printer not printing!

From: Boyko, Steve (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 06:52:56 CDT

The sole responder (Ashish Nanjiani) suggested installing the latest
patches. I have not been keeping "current", as I am concerned about
breaking existing third-party software on these Suns. I downloaded the
recommended patches, but before I could install them, someone had cut
power to that section of the plant (for maintenance) and when the Sun
came back up, everything worked fine. It bears watching!

Steve Boyko
NB Power

Original question:
>I have a printer (HP Laserjet 4 M+) attached to the "A" serial port on
>my Sun 670MP (Solaris 2.3). In the past, printing has worked fine, but
>now every job gets "hung up" in the queue and never prints. I've tried
>lpshut / delete-the-files / /usr/lib/lpsched to restart, but it isn't

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