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Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 09:09:43 CDT

First off, I apologize to those people who felt this was an inappropriate

Original Posting:
> Please dont flame me. I think this is interesting. Discussion in the
> Wizards news group.
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> Ok, so I found samba, and now, Wow! I can share files back and forth
> with WinNT/95 And my solaris box (and I'm sure linux too). Ok, so
> sharing files is the basic princple of networking, and now I can do it.
> However, what about
> running applications on Solaris and/or Linux, that are WinNT
> applications? Even if I got wine or twin or wabi to work, and mounted
> an NT share as a linux file system, I doubt I could run most of our home
> grown apps, or 32bit stuff like
> new version of MS office. Does anyone have any freeware (or at least
> cheapware) solutions along the lines of
> WinDD, NTrigue, etc... I really like the idea, but I'd like it more if
> it ran under Linux, and if it were free (cheap). My ultimate dream is
> to show up all the NT lovers we have here at work, who think NT is the
> best thing since sliced bread. I have RH 5.1 on my Compaq, and it works
> beautifully, however our homegrown apps (we have an online time sheet
> program for example, thats Win 16 bit) that I doubt will run under wine
> and the like. Is there any hope for my dream??
> ~Ernie
> Please reply privately if possible!

Rik Schneider & Shriman Gurung
asked me to look at the following site:
which is pretty interesting and free.

Brooke King commented that :
SoftWindows 95 and RealPC (the same product without an included
copy of Windows 95) work really well on Ultra 10 workstations. I
presume they work about as well on Ultra 5's and as well or
better on Ultra 2/30/60 workstations. From Sun the prices are
quite low. A single RTU of RealPC lists for less than $100. A 25
concurrent RTU of RealPC lists for $1595, if I recall correctly.
Having tried SoftWindows 95, we are looking at RealPC because we
have an abundance of Windows 95 licenses and don't want to pay
Microsoft twice!

I don't know if the concurrent license software has the same
drawback, but the single, node-locked RTU requires its own IP
above and beyond any used by the host workstation. This could be
an issue in a network with a shortage of unused IPs.

Marc Newman commented that:
My PII/300 running Wabi will run a whole lot of stuff, under Win3.1, faster
than under Windoze native (because of the superior underlying filesystem).
There's also SoftPC that Sun sells, and even MAE that runs Mac stuff.
There is a Pentium SBUS card that Sun sells also. They were giving them
away with Ultra 5's a while back.

Kelvin White said:
I hardly think this is off topic when you consider that Sun just announced
Cascade which is essentially NT services on Solaris.

Jim Roy said:
Have you looked at Star office? Pretty much does what MS office wants to do,
runs on linux.

Ramindur Singh said:
Most UNIX people know about SAMBA without requiring this email. While
integration between NT and UNIX ( like SAMBA) is good and acceptable, trying
to run
native Win application within UNIX is a dumb idea. It is better to port the
application to UNIX or NT. Besides, there are Office-like applications for
including Linux, already out there, some of which are better than


I once again apologize sincerely to those who considered this an
inappropriate posting. I thank those of you who wrote back to me with
messages of support. Now back to you Sun Gurus.

Rocky Sanghvi

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