SUMMARY: AntiVirus for Solaris

From: Guerra, Mayra (
Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 12:32:14 CDT

First of all thanks to all who replied.

My original question was:
> Is there an antivirus for Solaris?

Acording to all the responses there is NO antivirus for UNIX. But, if you
are looking for a Solaris based scanner for PC based virus you can try:
        WebShield by MacAffe (but I could't find it)
        Interscan VirusWall from Trend Micro ( or
        (The last two products have modules to protect the HTTP, FTP and
Mail traffic and can also be used with a Firewall using the CVP standard.)
        VFind from Cybersoft (
        Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Solaris (not released yet)

Thanks to:
Steve Kay []
Gary Trail []
Oddvar Andreassen []
Pascal Souarn []
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Graham Leggett []
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Mayra Guerra

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