SUMMARY:which program is using rpc.ttdbserverd- Added

Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 10:59:50 CDT

To All Sun Managers:

I just received this comment from Brooke. I did not have time to try the
105802-06 yet so I do not know whether it will fix the corrupted TT_DB
issue or not.

But I think it will be good to distribue this comment so whoever is
thinking about using 105802-06 to patch up the TT_DB problem should be
awared that it may not fix your problem at all.


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"Brooke King (6532)" <> on 10/14/98 07:00:08 PM

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To: Zion Huang/Brntwood/Focus/Concentra
Subject: Re: SUMMARY:which program is using rpc.ttdbserverd

> Ans:From all the responses I got, it clearly indicates to me there
> bugs in the tooltalk package we are using here. Our patch for tooltalk
> 105802-03. According to David Milun, he said "there is a horrible bug in
> the 105802-05 patch, which causes rpc.ttdbserverd to go CPU-bound.
> 105802-06 fixes it, I believe."

Sun told me that 105802-05 causes corrupted TT_DB which you clear
with the workaround in your message. Sun told me 105802-06 is even


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