SUMMARY: Microsoft Internet Explorer on Solaris 2.6 hangs CDE

From: Nicky Ayoub (nicky.ayoub@Microchip.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 09:37:17 CDT

Hello All,

Installing the recommended and security cluster seems to break IE on
Solaris 2.6. Since I install the the cluster as soon as I get a new system
I had never had IE work for me... This using Solaris 2.6 on a E450 and and
Utrla 5. Ali Albuloushi says it works fine on a U60 running a patched 2.6...

BTW, the concensus was to stay away from IE on the Solaris platform however
one response stated that his user based prefered IE over Netscape once they
got "past the fact that its written by Microsoft." ;-)

Thanks to all:
"Otto, Doug" <> (Ali Albuloushi)
"Avrami, Louis" <>
"Franczyk, Gary" <>
"David L. Markowitz" <>
Tim Carlson <>
 Huzefa MohamedAli <> (Kelly Fergason)
squaint <>
Grant Schoep <> (Thomas Anders) (Nicolas De Rico) (J.R. Lee)
Benjamin Cline <>


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============= Original Post ================ Hello,

I know, I know... "Use netscape" is the answer but...

Has anyone EVER got IE4 to work on Solaris. I can never get it to work. (Outlook express even hangs the UI.) I read about the Solaris problem in the release notes and looked up the work-around in the microsoft knowledge base... It still doesn't work...

>From the readme: ==== Sun's shared memory transport (SHMEM) -------------------------------------

If the Sun's transparent shared memory is enabled, IE hangs on startup. This is established to be a Sun Solaris Bug, reported as bug 4144519. ====

>From the MS on-line support, I was led to add the following to the launch script ( I don't think the affected me since the EnvVars were not set to begin with) :


Can any-one shed some more light on this? BTW, the system is an Utlra 5 patched with the 2.6 Recommended patches as of yesterday's release. ==============

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