Summary: Moving system disk to new SCSI address

From: Steve Boronski (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 08:26:05 CDT

Many thanks to all who tried to help.

Most suggested I check the vfstab, which I did and even tar'd it across
from the identical system, as with the path_to_inst file, I suspect some
iconsistency between /devices and path_to_inst however how to repair
that inconsistency I am afraid I gave up as this was a new machine
anyway I re-installed.

Some of you seemed to think it may be that the bootblock wasn't
available, but it was, on the E250 the SCSI address is determined by its
position on the backplane not the physical drive so just moving the
drive has some effect.

Interestingly I could mount the /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s?? from single user
without any problems, it was only when the inittab entry tried to mount
the /usr partition (the parameters were correctly picked out from
vfstab) that it had problems with the mount command.

I feel that this is an issue that would need raising and note that if
you move an installed system disk to a different SCSI location (on a
backplane) then the OS will need re-installing.

Thanks again in particular to:
Sean Quaint, Danny Johnson, Yvonne Herman, Marais Gert, Earl R Cooke,
Mark Mellman, Don Barile

Steve Boronski

> Dear Managers
> I have a couple of E250's 2.6 and am in the process of building them,
> one I completed, however a colleague built the other one and had trouble
> with the SCSI addressing for a tape drive. The upshot was that he
> installed the OS on a disk in c0t0d10.
> I now want to move the OS disk to c0t0d0 to match the other system, I
> could simply re-install but I prefer to fix rather than use the PC
> re-install mentality.
> Having physically moved the drive ot its new SCSI position, I have
> failed to get it to boot, it complains about mounting /usr, I have
> changed the boot-device to disk0, and modified the vfstab after mounting
> the partition in single user, I have removed the path_to_inst file and
> done a boot -a, this re-creates the path_to_inst but as it never
> completes the boot and drops back to prom the file (path_to_inst) never
> gets written to disk.
> The partitions are all fine as I have mounted them manually from init S,
> what am I doing wrong.
> Regards
> Steve Boronski

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