Summary : Not to patch or to patch (Must read)

From: Tristan Hau (
Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 - 01:33:08 CDT

Hi Mgrs,

  Here is my orig. question:

  I have a Solaris 2.6 U2 machine and I want to install the latest
rec. patches. Currently, it is running Aug 1997 patches and the server
will be serving as an NIS master.

   I want to hear from your experience that if someone has applied
those recommended patches to their servers and they leaded to some
problems that hurt the system or even the application.

  I got some answers and the sum. are as follows:-

1) In the recommended security and Y2K patches, The ttdbserverd patch
(105802) is bad,
   and has been pulled by Sun.

   Thanks :

2) I used to be the first one to say, always do the recommended patches.
   this last recommended patch set did something really funny with

   Thanks : Grant Schoep <>

3) There's a rule of thumb, don't use patches unless you were directed

   Thanks :Amjad Zamil < >


   I got the same config on the same machine and met a lot of problems
on NIS after I installed Recommanded securty patch cluster (July 98).
It has worked well since I setup NIS master on the U2 in Jan 98.

The problems were:
a. the NIS master won't boot if the slave (a SPARC20, running 2.6)
    did not boot up first. The U2 could not bind to the ypserv of

b. solw login from any of the NIS clients --- could be wait to 10-20
    (because the client could not bind to the master sometime)

c. it did slow down even crash some applications --- if they use RPC
    NFS fiels.

So I have to delete the patch one by one manually from the NIS master

The 2. 3. solved but a. is still there. I might need to reinstall
2.6 later.

   Thanks for Shubin Wang <> who share the
with me !



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