SUMMARY: Sparcstation IPX Network Card

Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 13:39:00 CDT


Sun Part number X453A is an Sbus ethernet controller with AUI and BNC.
Sun Part number X1052A is an Sbus differential scsi and buffered ethernet card
Sun Part number X1053A is an Sbus scsi with buffered ethernet card.

The X453A is End-of-life but is still available some places for $325. Probably
the solution I will use.

Gary Franczyk
Systems Administrator


I have a SparcStation IPX that I would like to turn into a multi-homed host. It
currently has a Milan Ethernet transceiver attached to the AUI port. How would
I attach a second Ethernet network interface to this machine? Does Sun sell
Ethernet cards for these machines, and if so, what is the part number?

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