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From: Ramanna Chetan (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 12:39:47 CDT

Thanks to everyone who replied
The consensous was that the disk is bad, and that I need to replace it.
Thats what I will have to do.
Answers after the Orig Question.

Orig question.

I have a major problem
I have a client machine runnin SunOS 4.1.3 on a SPARCstation ELC
It has 4 partitions
/ /usr /home /export
/home is the /dev/sd0g partition

The machine is hung up and when i restart it i get the following

host vmunix sd0g: Vendor 'SEAGATE' error code :0x11
host vmunix sd0g: Error for command 'read'
host vmunix sd0g: Error level: Retryable
host vmunix sd0g: Block 629440, Absolute block 1458772
host vmunix sd0g: Sense Key: Media Error

This messages keeps on repeating itself.

What do i do?
I brought the system to single-user mode and tried "fsck /dev/rsd0g"
I get the same message as shown above.
Is there a way I can fix this.


Replies were.

Using format you should be able to remap the bad sectors but you will
lose data in the process. Typically that indicates a drive that is not
long for this world however.
Doug Otto

It sounds like the disk has gone bad, and needs to be replaced... That
would be my guess from what you have stated... IF the fsck -y did not
help any you may have some major problems on the disk...

While at single user mode did you do the fsck with the partition not
mounted?? also try fsck -y I believe that fsck blah is one that implies
a -n you may want to put in the f flag just incase the super block has
the disk recorded as good, this way you will actually scan the entire
disk no matter what.

        - Leif Ericksen
Try 'fsck -y /dev/rdsk/rsdk0h'
Mark Lundy

Your disk is failing. If you don't have a current backup, boot
single-user and salvage what you can. As long as all the error
levels are 'Retryable' and you don't see any 'Fatals' you will
be able to get all your data, it will just take a lot longer
since it has to do multiple reads for each block, If you do
get 'Fatals' then you are saving some truncated files.
    Reformatting the disk might buy you some time, as the bad
blocks will be mapped out, but in my experience you will have
the same (or worse) problem again in the not-too-distant future,
so get a replacement drive as soon as possible.

Good luck,

Start by checking your backups...
The disk media has failed!!!!

Then get a NEW disk and replace/format/reload

You MAY be able to go to single user, run format, do an analyze on the
partition and have it find the bad spots. They will be marked and
hopefully replaced, but your filesystem will be corrupt, so you may have
reload from a backup after that.

The other thing to do is replace the drive and reload completely.


format;chose the disk;repair <number of block you've got error on it>
reboot(and try fsck after that)

I think you need to replace the hardware.

        Make a backup of the entire disk. Reformat the disk and restore
the files. This will buy you some time, but the disk is begining to
Consider replacing it when you can. When we get these messages, we
immediately begin the process of replacing em.
David Staggs.

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