SUMMARY: process using a specific port

From: Cheon Wang Seong (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 19:28:30 CDT

 Thanks to
   Wim Olivier
   Michael Kriss
   Rich Kulawiec
   Dave Carrigan
   Sean Quaint
   Harvey Wamboldt
   Justin Walker

  lsof program has been very helpful to find the process and user using
 specific port. It is available at :

Original Question
  Hi, Gurus...

   I'd like to know the method to find the process number sending
  the packets from a specific TCP port.
   How can I get that information from my host?
   For example, suppose some packets are sended through the tcp port 30000.
   Can I know which user or which process is sending the packets now?

   Please, let me know how to do it.
   Thanks forwards.

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