SUMMARY: using disk SEAGATE ST31940W

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 01:18:35 CDT

Hi suners,

finaly I found out that the internal cabel in external box was bad.
Thanks to all who responded.


hera are the original question:

Hi suners,

did you manage to get work external disk SEAGATE ST31940W Medalist
with Netra I 170E or Ultra 1/170E which has wide external SCSI conector.
I conected this external disk to Netra I 170E. In ok prompt I saw
this disk througt probe-scsi, then i boot mechine with -r parameter
to reconfigure kernel, but during booting i saw messages
like cannot write in wide mode and then cannot read from disk
sd2 ( which is this one ). In machine are two disk sd0 and sd1, there
is no other external devices.
I used this disk with ultra1/143 and it works in narrow mode cause
this ultra has only narrow SCSI.
First I suspected external cable, but it didn't work with
the other new one either.

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