SUMMARY: Setting dpost as default filter for troff

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 19:07:44 CDT

The original question is at the end. Thanks to the following folks for their
replies. Here's what they suggested:

Chris Marble <> wrote:
I've always just done "man whatever | col -b | lp" (Michael Wang) wrote:
Forget all about tbl/eqn/troff/dpost stuff, use groff.

The one I ended up using is from (Thomas Anders) who wrote:
setenv TCAT /usr/lib/lp/postscript/dpost

With TCAT set, I can do a "man -t whatever|lpr" and have everything nicely
formatted, paginated correctly, boldface where bold should be... etc.

Thanks all.



Howdy folks. Been thru the archive and without finding the answer
so I thought I'd ask on the list.

Right now, I'm doing...

tbl /usr/man/man1/zcat.1 | eqn | troff -man -Tpost | dpost | lp

if I want a formatted print copy of the man pages. If I can set troff to use
dpost as the default, I can then simply do a "man -t zcat" instead. (right now,
the output is just troff code, not PS) Does anyone know how one goes about
setting the default filter for troff? Thanks in advanced.

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