SUMMARY: Open Files and Solstice (Legato) Networker backup

From: Dave Zwieback (
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 11:48:57 CDT


I only got one reply so far, from Steve Boronski. Thanks, Steve!


Unix systems do not need Open File Manager, as Unix can handle open file

copies without 3rd party add-ons. Unfortunately it is a fundemental problem with NT and Novell that open (&locked) files cannot be copied.

As for your Oracle, it will depend on you version of Oracle and your sites requirements. Pre 7.3.4 dont use anything, just close down the db prior to securing (very important) Version 8 plus a requirement to have the database available whilst securing (maybe you need to secure part way thro the day?) then use the Business suite modules.

My original questions was:

> Is anyone out there using Open File Manager for Legato? What does is > give you? > > If I have an Oracle db, would you recommend using a BusinessSuite online > backup for Oracle, or the Open File Manger??? It's not quite clear from > the documentation. > > Finally, do we need an Open File Manager for Solaris 2.6??? How does > Legato backup handle open files?



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