SUMMARY: prom pw (2)

Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 12:46:51 CDT

Just realized I forgot to recap the question!
I was just handed a sparc5 and had no idea what the prom password was and
no one I asked knew either, which I needed in order to upgrade the system
from Sol1 to Sol2.

Thanks for all your help. I did try Arthur Lehmanns advice, since it was
the first to come in, which was to pull the EEPROM out wait about 15
minutes and then put it back in. But that did not work. I got another tip
from Leif Eriksen to take it out for 24 hrs. I did not try this.
Dwight Peters suggested that I try to overwrite the prom by putting the
EEPROM in another machine and booting it. He said sometimes this
reprograms it. I did not try this.
Many of you suggested Stop (L1)-N. This does not work.
So what I did was booted up it booted in single user, we were supposed to
be shpped an external HD that never came. Did an eeprom setenv
security-password, and everything was good. Dave Mitchell suggested
something along the same lines. But this came after I fixed it.

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