SUMMARY: Setup ACP with Annex Server Software 14.1 on Solaris 2.6

From: Ning Zhang (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 14:51:01 CDT

Original Question:
How to setup Annex ACP security with Annex Server Software 14.1 on
Solaris 2.6 for Annex III Remote Access Server?
Note: Annex Server Software 14.1 is Y2K compliant, but it is not
supported by BayNetworks on Solaris 2.6- they only support it on Solaris
2.51 below. As for the future, they don't know yet. The situation is

I got no response (just one asking me to summarize), but made it anyway.

When you load Annex Sever Software 14.1 on Solaris 2.6, you may not get
the option for ACP setup, although the installation manual tells you
this. Don't worry. That does not mean ACP can not be setup for this
version of software on Solaris 2.6.
To setup basic ACP:
1) From NA:
        command: set enable_security Y
        command: set annex pref_secure1_host SecuriryServerIP
        command: set port cli_security Y
        command: set port mode cli (or something else other than
dedicated, telnet, rlogin, etc.)
2) Refer to the manual, create acp_regime, acp_userinfo, and
acp_passwd under the Annex installed directory (If you install the
software under its default directory /usr/annex, you would have less
3) Kill erpcd
4) Start erpcd - #erpcd -p -f bfs_dir -s AnnexInstalledDir
        Note: Every time after you change acp_regime, acp_userinfo, or
acp_passwd, you got to kill/restart erpcd, and reboot Annex server
5) Try to dial in a modem attached to the Annex III to test ACP. If
ACP does not work, do:
6) Copy acp_passwd into /usr/annex. I have found that acp_passwd file
needs to be in both /usr/annex and the Annex installed directory. The
reason is probably because ch_passwd command does not give you the
option to indicate which directory acp_passwd resides. If you put the
line ":acp:/etc/shadow" in acp_regime, you will not need this acp_passwd
file. Annex password will be the same as the Unix password.
7) Reboot Annex III Remote Server - kill/restart erpcd do not make
ACP work.

One extra question for Annex experts:
Have anyone ever made the ACP work with direct dialin host connection?
Our clients need to connect to a Sun server directly when they dial in
through the Annex III remote access server. But ACP does not work when I
setup the port mode to dedicated or telnet. I really like to know if it
is possible to make ACP work with direct host connection, although Annex
manual says it is impossible.

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