SUMMARY: su w/o prompting for password

From: Stephanie Lam (MIS) (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 15:15:11 CDT


Thanks to the few who replied. It helped to confirm that it cannot be
done without compromising
the root password or user password. Suggested workarounds involved using
"sudo" / rsh / rlogin etc.

- Steph

The following people who replied:

Gerald Combs
Chris Liljenstolpe []
Umit Dericioglu []
Justin Clift []
Roger Fujii []
Cooke, Earl R. []
Rich Kulawiec []
Craig Mertens []
Rick Loftus []
Rodney C. Marable []
Seth Rothenberg []

Original Q:

Is it possible to su as myself (a normal user) to myself without getting
prompted for password?

Is there some setting you need to make in order to do that?

- Stephanie

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